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Merthyr Valley Veterans

Camaraderie. Community. Sometimes just a cup of tea and a chat. These are simple things that armed force veterans miss when back in civilian life. It’s important.

Veterans are almost twice as likely as the general public to experience PTSD, and for those stationed in active combat in war zones, 30% experience a mental health condition (Kings College London, 2018). In the Merthyr Valley, every Tuesday morning at the town’s Labour club, you’ll find that community. That coming together. The kettle on. Stories shared. Problems halved. When the brew’s sunk, the veterans work to make the community better for everyone.

Like at the Parish Church Memorial Garden. You’ll find them putting down new pathways, cutting grass, renewing benches and cleaning memorial stones. One day they’d like to grow their own vegetables and make them available to anyone who needs them. Mab Gwalia is helping fund those materials. Direct action that helps the whole community.

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